Welcome to my blog. I love to experience new cultures, eat heaps of food, see new places all over the world and just have fun whilst doing it. This is a snapshot of the adventures I have plus some of the fun little recipes I love to create. 

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How to Make My Super Nutty Rocky Road

How to Make My Super Nutty Rocky Road

This is my recipe for rocky road, my mum loves it when I make it because it’s super toasty and nutty. It’s packed full of flavour and deliciousness. Perfect for bulk pressies and also for a delicious snack when you have people over, or just a cheat meal!!

I love making this because its super easy and you can add in whatever extra little bits you like!! Have fun creating!



450g Milk/Dark Chocolate

250g Marshmallows

375g Desiccated Coconut

250g Hazelnuts

250g Almonds


1.     Toast coconut, hazelnuts and almonds until a golden brown. Put to the side and allow to cool.

2.     Prepare 2 trays with baking paper.

3.     Melt chocolate over a double boiler, until smooth.

4.     Add in desiccated coconut, then almonds and hazelnuts. Mix until evenly coated. Then add marshmallows.

5.     Pour into trays evenly and refrigerate for one hour. Remove from trays and cut up.


p.s. I know not everyone can just cook by reading directions sooo… for those of you who need a bit of visual help I have made a little video!! Scroll down a bit, it's at the bottom!! Hope it helps :D xxx


Bars of Rocky Road

Bars of Rocky Road

All Packaged Ready to Gift!!!

All Packaged Ready to Gift!!!

My First Wedding Cake!

My First Wedding Cake!