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My First Wedding Cake!

My First Wedding Cake!

Wow! I was just asked to make a wedding cake for one of my longest friends, it is January, she just got engaged and is getting married in September!!! How EXCITING! 

When she asked me to make her wedding cake I was pretty surprised, I mean I have dabbled in cake making/decorating for a bit of fun, but nothing serious. So I mean a wedding cake! WOW that's a big ask. But I love a good challenge so I jumped in feet first. 

I got so carried away looking at all the things I could do and felt pretty overwhelmed at what style to choose, how many flowers, what decorations and everything. But I started with a topper, which mind you wasn't very easy to pick anyway! But I found a company who did some beautiful toppers, then let the bride decide on colour and font! When it arrived I was so happy with it, it was PERFECT!!

Design process, with Glistening Occassions

Design process, with Glistening Occassions

Cake Topper

Cake Topper

After I had the cake topper, I just had to think about what flavours to make, the bride to be and her mum came over and did a bit of a tasting with cakes and we picked what flavours would be best! The I drew out some plans which was pretty cool, it made it all seem a bit more real!!


After all the planning and excitement leading up to it I finally had to make the cake!!! I made the fillings and cakes, from scratch....! The wedding was on Saturday and I started preparing and making things on Wednesday, but it was so worthwhile. It was a pretty crazy experience to do something so challenging and fun at the same time and especially for one of my longest friends, and I really think her and her now husband absolutely loved it!

I wouldn't mind getting in and doing another cake buuuuuut maybe only one every 6 months!! it was the most full on thing I have had to do and I just wanted it to be perfect!

I was pretty happy with the end result and you can see the photos below!

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